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Vanessa Anthes, Level V – Carbondale, CO

vanessaanthes375x457This busy wife and mother of two young children is Vanessa Anthes.  Vanessa works full time for ESPN’s X Games franchise, but found time to begin her own (plan B) skin care business in December 2013.  It has changed her life forever, and her dream is to one day make it her plan A.  Vanessa continues to set goals for herself and looks forward to seeing her dream fulfilled.  Her greatest reward is seeing her team succeed and helping them continue to grow and dream big, also.


 Claudia Augello, Level V – Seattle, WA

Claudia Augello375X457

Claudia Augello left corporate America after 25 years to stay home with her young daughters in 2015. She had begun her R+F business 8 months prior, but realized she now needed to make the effort to help take some of the financial burden off her husband, as well as have something to call her own. Thanks to her growing business she is now able to help fund family vacations, contribute to family finances and never miss an important moment in her girls’ lives. Claudia is grateful to be working to fulfill her dreams and not someone else’s!


 Angie Bond, Level V – Portland, OR


Angie Bond was a graduate and then teacher of Chemistry for three years at Stanford University before she decided to stay home to start a family.  Invited by a friend, after the birth of her fourth child, to learn about the R+F products, Angie left with the biggest business kit and no intention to sell.  As her own skin transformed, she jumped into the business and within a year hit this major milestone.  This business has given Angie the professional outlet she needed, has led to many new friendships and brought back old ones.  Angie is so grateful she said, “Yes”!



 Monica Brown, Level V – Richland, WA

MonicaBrown 375x457

Loving her current job as a full time real estate broker, this wife and busy mom found that the “magnetic affect” of R+F had its pull on her, even though she has no intention of retiring from her real estate business.  Monica Brown  originally just wanted to take care of her skin, but found that she loves the same aspects of both her businesses: flexibility to be with her family, being able to build relationships and helping others.  Monica also loves the additional source of income that is allowing tithing, giving and living.


Jax Budde, Level V – Las Vegas, NV

JaxBudde 375x457As a passionate marketing expert, Jax Budde has always accepted challenges to make changes, especially if they made her better than she already was.  After a college friend told her about this business, Jax said, “Yes”, not knowing that this would change her life.  She feels like she belongs to something bigger than herself and that the community of amazing women that support her and cheers her on makes her a better version of herself. Naturally competitive, Jax attacks each day with vigor and one goal: to be the best at everything she does.


Kelli Bullington, Level V – Pendleton, OR


bullington375x457In 2015, Kelly Bullington was one of those wash cloth and generic lotion persons (on a good day). She was drawn to this business by what she was reading on social media and felt that since 40 was on the horizon, her skin was showing it. Trying the products convinced her that they were the “real deal” and she decided to investigate the business. Kelli loves what the products do for others and also the freedom and confidence owning their own business brings. She looks forward to what the years ahead have in store for her family and her team.

Blair Carter, Level V –Seattle, WA

carter, Blair375x457

This former Naval Nuclear Engineer, turned private practice attorney, left the working world only to return wanting a little more than being a stay at home mom.  As Blair Carter soon became overworked again on the billable hour and after the birth of their third child, this business came into her life.  Corporate provided the structure and all she needed was a Wifi connection or a cell signal.  Promoting and earning her investment back in the first month, Blair knew after the second month that this was the ticket to the life she wanted.  She feels she has found her “next chapter”.


Jenn Connor, Level V – Boise, ID

connor, jenn 375x457

In 2012, Jenn Connor  had a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop and one week later she jumped right in to R+F.  With a busy PR career and two active kids, Jenn thought she had no business starting  a business, but couldn’t resist the chance to partner with the doctors and create a life she had been dreaming about.  One and a half years later, Jenn made the decision to focus on her family and her R+F business full time.  She now has the freedom she was looking for and  loves collaborating with all the smart, fun, and successful women who are on a mission to change lives.



 Jill Edgell Smith, Level V – Bozeman, MT

edgell-smith, Jill375x457

Jill Edgell-Smith joined this business just five months ago after seeing amazing results, that blew her away, on a friend. This busy mom of 4 and part time RN knew that direct sales was the vehicle that would allow her to have a career, yet be by her childrens’ sides as they grew. Jill knew she needed to find a great company with strong leadership and feels she has found both in this company. Jill is loving the ride so far and is excited to see where it takes her and her team.


Heather Freitag, Level V – Scranton, ND


Heather Freitag is a wife, mother of two, and a nurse anesthetist by profession, who lives in a small town of about 250 people. Joining the business in 2015, Heather was excited to hit Level V shortly after her first complete year. She loves the bond that she has formed with her team and customers and feels the support, gratitude and compassion her team shares is awe inspiring. Heather cannot wait to celebrate with them in the coming months!


Karen Hammer, Level V – Boise, Idaho

karenhammer375x457After a move to Idaho, this former 2nd grade teacher turned stay at home mom was looking for something to do outside of caring for her home and their new baby. A friend introduced her to this business and Karen Hammer knew instantly that this was the opportunity she was looking for. The journey to Level V did not happen over night, but Karen has stayed consistent and strong in her belief that THIS would be the business that changed her family’s life. She also enjoys helping her partners find success which allows them to make meaningful changes in their lives.


Sarah Harris, Level V – Great Falls,  MT


Sarah Harris was a teacher before she decided to stay home with her children. After discovering R+F, she realized she had found something much more that good skincare and a direct sales model.  Sarah found an incredible community, encouragement, and a way to help support her family financially.  This business became the missing piece to her puzzle which was needing something to do that she could call her own.  Sarah found that with hard work and a belief in herself, she could change her life forever.


Jennifer Hermsen, Level V – DePere, WI


Jennifer is a busy mom, wife and  RN.   She started her journey with this business as a product user and had amazing results. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to partner with the Doctors, Jenny hopped on board February of  2014. She has been slowly but steadily growing her business over the last 2 years with the help and support of my husband, Jason.  Together, they finally reached their goal of LV and it has been both exhilarating and life changing. Jenny feels she owes a special thanks to her friend that introduced her to the products, gave her some tough love and coached her to where she it  today!  Always … changing skin and changing lives!


Dalene Herzog, Level V – Mesa, AZ

DaleneHerzog375x457Before joining this business, this busy former oral surgery assistant and mother of two wanted to find something flexible so she could be available for her kids’ busy schedule, especially while her husband was traveling for his job.  Knowing nothing about direct sales, Dalene Herzog recognized the this power of this well respected brand in the multi-billion dollar skincare market.  As her successful business has expanded, Dalene continues to love growing personally,  meeting new people, rekindling old friendships, helping customers have great skin and  helping others achieve their dreams with a business of their own.

Susan Hiler, Level V – Portland, OR


Susan Hiler began her business in December of 2014, when she met a successful consultant and knew instantly that she needed the freedom in life that she could see in her new friend. Susan had been a Family Law attorney for ten years, but felt drained and full of anxiety all the time. Feeling stuck, because she was not trained to do anything else, she saw this opportunity as something to try.  In August of 2016 Susan put the legal world in her rear view mirror and is now excited to call herself a “recovering attorney”!


Shante Matlock, Level V – Portland, OR


As a professional make up artist for the last 13 years, Shante Matlock missed a lot as her older children were growing. Being home after the birth of her youngest child, Shante craved the sense of community and camaraderie that came with working outside the home.  She found this again in 2015 when she said, “Yes” to R+F after seeing her friend’s life and skin change right before her eyes.  This incredible journey has allowed her to finance her family’s very first vacation and now Shante has the freedom to live life and work on her own terms, while never missing a moment with her kids!




Dame McDonough, Level V – Missoula, MT

dame375x457Dame McDonough has been a corporate America slave for over 8 years. Working for a national insurance company, managing Montana & Idaho, He’s seen more than his fair share of windshield time. In fact, he averages 1,000 miles driving per week and spends at least 2-3 nights in a hotel bed. This fast paced, high stress career began to wear on him. At the same time, he saw time and again my hard-working friends and family let down by corporate America, which put them and their families in financial ruin. This lack of stability, lack of control and lack of a future with true financial stability made Dame realize that he needed a plan B.

When his sister, Marissa, who is a very successful real estate broker introduced him to a new opportunity in skin care, he thought she had lost her mind. But, when he realized that this opportunity was unlike anything else he’d been introduced to throughout my career, he then began to listen with an open mind. “Once I got over the fact that this is skincare and realized it was a $2.5 billion dollar industry, my business brain turned on” says Dame. The ability to partner with a household brand name and entrepreneurs that have a proven track record of success was intriguing. Then, when he learned that he had the opportunity to be the first in his market and most markets across the United States, he knew he had to jump in.

Within two months he turned a profit and now has profit centers in 7 states. Dame is excited to be building a business that he controls, his success is truly a product of his efforts and best of all, it will give him financial stability for the rest of his life.


Lea Lis Moore, Level V – Miles City, MT

lea-mooreSometimes you just have to quit thinking and say, “YES”. This is how Lea Lis Moore feels about being offered the opportunity to partner with the doctors who created R + F. Lea Lis’ initial objections were satisfied when she realized that the chance to personally grow by doing something that scared her, outweighed her fear of failure. This busy wife, mom of 2, preschool teacher/director, and partner in a family agricultural business had to challenge herself to find time to squeeze this new business in and be patient to grow at a reasonable pace. Lea Lis has never regretted saying, “YES” and feels that with patience and her increased self confidence she will continue to grow along with her business.

Maria Myers, Level V – Appleton, WI

Myers, Maria 375x457

Maria Myers was working 60 hours a week, caring for 2 young children – often alone, as her husband traveled for work – and earning an MBA when she decided to add R+F to her “plate”. In addition to contributing financially to a variety of family needs, her business has expanded her personal and professional skills within her healthcare field. This business has taught Maria to love the joy of the journey.



Leeann Naughton, Level V – Racine, WI


leeannnaughton375x457Leeann Naughton began her journey with this company in June of 2013. As a registered nurse, with a lengthy career in pharmaceutical sales,  her sponsor, a former colleague,  convinced Leeann that this company would be a great opportunity.  Because Leeann had a tremendous fear of retirement, having this new focus was perfect for her.  That, along with the quality of the products and the opportunity to work with her friend, was the real deal sealer.  This was a perfect way for Leeann to stay connected, make new friends, and the extra income means Leeann won’t need to draw on her retirement accounts.   Life is good!


Amy Osol, Level V – Miles City, MT

Amy Osol 375x457Amy is an HR professional by trade and worked in the corporate world for 8 years before deciding to stay home with her two young daughters. She began her Rodan + Fields business 13 months ago, finding it to be a blessing to her family, while giving Amy something to call her own. It has also given Amy and her husband financial flexibility and, most importantly, has filled the void of assisting others that she had in her HR career. Amy loves training and helping her team to be successful and encouraging them to chase their own dreams!


Rachel Peichl McGee, Level V – Fond Du Lac, WI


After using REDEFINE for just two weeks and having many people inquire about her great skin, Rachel Peichl-McGee realized that this business might be the change she was looking for. Twenty plus years of being a court reporter and listening intently to daily negative issues had taken a toll on her. As much as Rachel’s previous job fulfilled her, her new business is now allowing her to walk away from her court reporting career and and allowing her to live life in a positive environment every day. She is forever grateful!

Gloria Peterson, Level V – New London, WI


gloriapeterson375x457As a wife, mother of two boys, and a teacher, Gloria Peterson had never sold anything to anyone. Gloria first connected with R+F in the hopes of finding help for her son’s acne problem that wasn’t improving with visits to a dermatologist. After two weeks they noticed a huge improvement in his skin and Gloria decided to go “all in” with her business in the hopes of changing the lives of others by building confidence in their own appearance and financially using it as a business venture. Gloria feels blessed to have made this a successful experience and to now have reconnected with old friends and created new friendships

Melissa Phillips, Level V – Park City, UT


Melissa is the busy mother of two young children, 2 and 5. She was looking for more flexibility with her engineering career in order to spend quality time with her children when she began her journey with R + F. Her flexible schedule now allows her to have that time with her family, to travel, and to visit friends and family. Melissa loves the relationships she has fostered with her team – both old and new. She feels her business has given her purpose and something to be proud of creating and feels it has reinvented her spirit.


Janey Reichardt, Level V – Appleton, WI

janeyreichardtAs a teacher, Janey Reichardt had spent many of her children’s summers teaching summer school to supplement the family’s income. R+F has allowed her to make the decision to now be available to her family during those summer months for meaningful family experiences. This business has reconnected her with life-long friends and created a significant business, replacing the salary from summer school for her in just part time hours. Every day Janey is grateful that she said “YES” to this incredible opportunity.


Jenn Reinke, Level V – Foxfield, CO


After becoming a mom, former banking executive Jennifer Reinke couldn’t imagine going back to the corporate grind.  A chance introduction to her husband’s friend gave Jennifer the answer to her question of how she was going to balance the life she wanted.  Unfamiliar with direct sales, this opportunity was exciting, yet a bit daunting.  Fast forward and today Jennifer has used R + F to not only build a business,  but to continue her passion of helping people and provide the life she desired for her family. Jennifer is grateful she allowed herself to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.




Jenn Rice, Level V – Naples, FL

Jenn Rice375x457Jenn Rice is a practicing dermatology PA who began her journey in this business in 2014. At that time she had no idea what network marketing was or how it would benefit, not just her family, but the future of those around her. Jenn has become a steward of the profession and looks forward to a transition to full time with her business and leadership, using her medical skills to teach and serve. Jenn considers this once in a lifetime opportunity a powerful and real business and cannot wait to see what’s next.




Allison Rothstein, Level V – Rosemount, MN

allisonrothstein 375x457Allison Rothstein, a former high school English teacher, resigned to stay home with her children. While home, she realized the time and energy that teaching had sucked out of her and decided that’s not how she wanted to spend her working life. Prayer over how she could have flexibility and still be present for her kids, as well as contribute to the family’s income, brought this business into her life at the right moment. Allison, with no sales experience, vowed to be coachable and now contributes substantially to the family’s finances.

Vicky Schroeder, Level V – La Crosse, WI


Pharmacist Vicky Schroeder’s priorities changed once she had her first child.  She was drawn to R+F products because they were clinically proven products created by respected doctors that had great results.  This business feels like a perfect fit to Vicky.  It combines her desire to put family first with her desire to serve people.  She is hoping to  build her business from home with part time effort and leave the long days, nights, and holidays behind.



Mary Staszak, Level V – Eugene, OR

Mary Staszak 375x457

The last thing Mary Staszak needed, as she was recovering from surgery in 2014, was another business.  She and her husband were already busy with their own private business.  However, Mary felt she would use the products and probably just dabble in the business end of it.  Since those early days, she has taken her business in a new, rewarding direction, helping people love their skin and considering the growth of her team as an exciting,  daily adventure.  Mary believes it all starts with trusting your mentor and the success system that is set in place. She also believes the life long friendships that come with this business are the extra perks you just don’t find elsewhere.







Level V Lexus Earner

Jannica Johnson, Level V Lexus Earner– Eagle, ID

jannicajohnson375x457Before joining this business, Jannica was a busy CPA, splitting time between tax clients and her family (her favorite role) which includes three equally busy children.  Jannica wasn’t looking to add anything to her plate when she heard about this business.  She just wanted to find good skin care for her 40 year old face.  After a serious examination of this skin care business with her friend, everyone was surprised when she said, “Yes” and joined the team.Now, Jannica loves working with her team, learning about others and challenging herself to develop and improve.  Above all, Jannica loves having something great to offer others that can bring such positive hope and change.

McKelvey Sisters, Level V Lexus Earner- Liberty Lake, WA

McKelvey Sisters375x457

Kyla, an attorney with her own estate planning practice and Anna, a former model turned stay at home mom, are sisters and best friends.  While neither imagined working with a skin care company, they both saw the opportunity this business had to offer, the unlimited earning  potential and the ability to help others grow their businesses and reach their goals, as well as offer great skin care to their customers.  Both Kyla and Anna love the flexibility with their families, being able to generate an income, and working together – which is a dream come true!


Casee Meach, Level V Lexus Earner – Appleton, WI

CaseeMeach375x457Casee Meach comes from a family of entrepreneurs and hard workers. Her family has a diversified portfolio of businesses they own and she has been running her family’s flower shop for five years. Business has always been an interest of Casee’s and she considers herself lucky to have learned from the best, her family. When this opportunity came across her desk, she knew the timing was perfect and this was something she couldn’t pass up.

The reason behind Casee’s passion for her buisness changed significantly when her husband Brett was diagnosed with cancer and eventually passed away in April of 2014 at the age of 33.  Brett was her biggest support system in this business as he knew what it could do for their family and their future. Casee now needed this business more than ever to support her financially, but more importantly to allow her flexibility to care for her three year old son Porter and one year old son Barrett.

The company and the outstanding people involved have been there for Casee through good and bad. She is so grateful for all of it and is excited for what the future holds for her business and her family.

Beth Moyer, Level V  Lexus Earner- Beaverton, OR


The last thing Beth Moyer needed, on top of being a single mom, working a full-time job in finance, and working as a freelance makeup artist, was another job. However, after using the products and seeing the amazing transformation in her skin, she knew she was going to tell everyone she could about them.  Little did Beth know how she would build this business over the last two years.  Reaching Level V has been one of the most gratifying accomplishments that she has ever experienced.

Stacie Mullin, Level V Lexus Earner – Waltham, MA

StacieMullin 375x457

When Stacie Mullin’s college girlfriend first called her to tell her about this business, Stacie didn’t feel she could add anything else to her plate, especially with two six month olds.  However, she also felt she needed to at least give it a shot.  The decision to leave the corporate world to stay home with her twin sons had been easy, and financially joining this business couldn’t have been a better decision.  Beyond the financial decision, this business has become so much more for Stacie.  She is so happy she said, “YES”!

Ariel Ricci, Level V Lexus Earner– Bozeman, MT


Ariel Ricci attended a BBL to be supportive and ended up finding one of the smartest business models she had ever seen.  Having worked hard to finally manage a corporate retail store, Ariel felt, at first, that she had too many reasons not to participate in this opportunity.  However, the long work hours and high stress was taking a toll on her family and her and she decided the risk of NOT joining this new business was greater than the risk of going for it.   Retiring after 2.5 years, Ariel is thankful every day for the change that R+F and her team has provided for her family and her and she is eager to help others write their success story.

Stacy Wise, Level V Lexus Earner – Saint Louis, MO


Stacy Wise, a stay-at-home mom of 4 children, partnered with R+F as a way to contribute to the family finances and still be available for the family’s “crazy” life.  Stacy did not take the fast track to Level V, but with belief, consistency and determination knew she would get there.  Stacy is excited to help her team achieve their goals and dreams and hopes to be able to use her business to help underprivileged children in her community.


Premier V

 Marissa Crollard, Premier V – El Mirage, AZ

marissa crollard375x457

Marissa Crollard began  her business in 2015 because she knew she wanted something for herself, as well as a way to help her family financially.   The  business would also allow her to be at home with her kiddos!  Having five year old twin boys and an 8 month old baby boy, Marissa feels she is lucky to be  working from home on her own terms and earning a great income. Now, two years later,  Marissa is so thankful for this business and loves being able to help others achieve their dreams and goals!

Meghan Blyth, Premier V – Bend, OR


Meghan Blyth is a former Advertising Sales Rep and mother of two.  After quitting her job to be a full time mom, she and her husband realized life would be different with a single income.  When her friend introduced her to this business, she jumped at the chance to be one of  the first consultants in the Bend area.  Growing her business has given Meghan a sense of pride.  It has enabled her  to reconnect with old friends and establish new friends and nothing excites Meghan more than seeing the success her partners are having.  It is a dream come true for Meghan!







Katya Bodiscomassink, Premier V – Knoxville, TN

katyabodisomassunkAs a stay-at-home wife and mother, Katya counts her blessings every day as she enjoys the precious time with her family. Before the arrival of her two amazing children, she was a teacher for seven years. Katya was surprised that she missed the professional piece of her life when she left teaching to care for the day-to-day needs of her family.

A well respected U.S. Coast Guard Academy classmate introduced her to the products, which led to a business model which she felt would be a perfect fit. Almost instantaneously, Katya realized the tremendous opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning her own business, while continuing to be the primary caregiver in her family. With the support of her incredible husband and her intuition telling her to follow her entrepreneurial dreams, she decided the risk was too great NOT to get involved.

Fast forward one year, Katya has promoted six times and leads a rapidly expanding team across thirteen states coast-to-coast. She enjoys a comfortable balance as she molds her flexible business around the rest of her busy life.  With less than part time hours, she has almost replaced her teaching salary. Building a business of her own, on her own terms, while following her heart to help others has been an incredible dream come true.  Katya is just getting started in the United States and excited about future international expansion on the horizon.

Jen Clow, Premier V – Tacoma, WA


Jennifer Clow is a wife, a busy mom of 3 boys, an interior decorator and a seasoned event planner for numerous corporate, educational and charitable organizations. After an introduction to this business, she saw it as an opportunity to have great skin care and earn some extra money for her family. With promotions along the way, Jen’s organization expanded across numerous states and continues to grow daily. She loves working, coaching and leading her partners to success and helping her customers achieve beautiful skin! Jen continues to set personal goals and cannot wait to help others achieve their goals.

Ashley DeSanno, Premier V – Tigard, OR


Ashley Desanno is the mom of two boys and until recently, a full time teacher for 15 years. Ashley was introduced to R + F and the products in 2015, listening with an open mind. She jumped on board immediately and committed herself to being coachable. Having a husband who travels often for his job, Ashley saw this as an opportunity to step away from the long classroom days and the commute and, in turn, be able to spend quality time with her boys as well as contribute to the family’s income. Ashley loves helping people love their skin and coaching others to use this business to help their own financial future








Allison Eastman, Premier V – Redmond, WA

allisonEastman375x457Allison Eastman vowed she would never feel unable to support her family again, after her husband suffered a serious injury in an accident. She worked hard at her newly established mobile stylist/esthetician business. However, it wasn’t until she added R+F to her life – just to get better prices for her facials – that everything changed for her. Loving the products, Allison knew she needed to share them with others. This business has been a blessing to her family. They were able to pay off medical bills and now have the time to make family memories together.


Stephanie Hritsco, Premier V – Scottsdale, AZ

stephanie hritsco375x457Stephanie Hritsco was part of this business for 41/2 years before she decided she was “ALL IN” and wanted to work this business, like a business, by following the system. Plugging into the calls and trainings helped change her mindset and beliefs. She feels the culture of the company and the personal development has proved invaluable. Stephanie truly works this business into the nooks and crannies of her busy life, working full time and raising two small children. Her words of advice: NEVER QUIT and always believe in yourself! The title is not about who can get there the fastest, but when it is right for you

Shauna Jorschumb, Premier V – Boise, ID

shaunajorschumb375x457This busy physical therapist, wanting to start a family, found UMBLEMISH to be the safe alternative her doctor’s recommended medication for her adult acne.  Starting this business was not on Shauna Jorchumb’s radar, but she knew if children came along that she would want flexibility and freedom without sacrificing her full time income.  The birth of twin daughters changed her outlook on what “work” looks like.  She now works this business part time alongside her full time career and looks forward to deciding how that career might change in the next year.


Laure Kline, Premier V – Appleton, WI

laurekline375x457Laure Kline originally fell in love with the Reverse Regimen and initially joined the business to support her friend.  What  started as a one year commitment for this nurse anesthetist, has turned into one of the best parts of her life in terms of positivity and teamwork.  In January Laure  made a commitment to take her anesthesia  talents in a different direction: mission work.  R+F is the vehicle to get her the time and financial means to move in that direction. Since then, her team has taken off and she can not wait to see what the rest of 2016 will bring.


Julie Podlasik, Premier V – Suamica, WI

Julie Podlasik 375x457Julie Podlasik is a busy wife and mama to two little girls Sophia-4 and Cecelia-3.  She works full time outside of the home giving anesthesia as a nurse anesthetist.  Julie got involved in this business after ignoring and running away from a few of her colleagues for over a year.  She then began using the  Soothe regimen to get them to stop bothering her.  After 5 days Julie began to see improvement for a condition she had been seeing a dermatologist about  for four years without success.  Shortly after seeing her own success she started to listen to her colleagues and joined them in business.  Her kit sat in her closet for 2 months unopened.  Then one day she woke up and decided she either had to do this or not-but made the decision to try.  That was March 21, 2015.  Julie hit Level V in January 2016!  She had built an amazing team of friends, family, and strangers that have become great friends.  Julie is now starting to consider not if she  can quit anesthesia, but instead WHEN!!!!

Ali Zieman, Premier V – De Pere, WI

ALI ZIEMANAli has been a business owner for this exciting skin care company for a little over a year now.  To be honest, she was not looking to take on anything more. Direct sales was definitely never on her radar. However, when she was approached about this company by a former college classmate, she was at least open enough to learn more.  The timing was perfect because Ali had just left her corporate career as a buyer, a couple months prior, to work alongside her husband in their family business. As a result, they were being impacted financially since Ali no longer had her salary or the benefits package. Her first thought was that maybe this new business could cover their private health insurance, so she started asking questions. Upon doing so, it didn’t take her long to get the gut feeling that this was something she needed to seriously consider.  The timing was huge for her – that she could get involved in the early stages. Most importantly, Ali could weave this business into her life, around her family and her full time career.

From a business perspective, growing her team has been so much fun. She has partners with a wide range of goals – some who just want an extra few hundred dollars a month for a shoe or vacation fund and others who are looking to replace an income or stay home with their kids.  On the financial side, Ali has replaced the income she gave up as a buyer when she left my career to work with her husband.  This completely blows her away, considering her original goal was to cover their private health insurance.  But the best part is that this truly is only the beginning. She has seen, in one short year, what this company has already done for her family, and she can’t even imagine what her business will look like a year from now. Ali knows there are even better things ahead and is really excited about that!nd, OR

Premier V Lexus Earner

Jessica Appl, Premier V Lexus Earner – Menasha, WI

jessicaappl375x457Jessica Appl is a Nurse Anesthetist, wife, and busy mom to three kids. Her best friend introduced her to this company back in July of 2013. She started using the products and completely fell in love. She could tell immediately that this was not going to be an opportunity she could miss out on! Jessica started her business in November 2013, but it wasn’t until this past September at convention that she realized what the potential of this business actually was. Since the convention she has treated it like a job and not like a hobby and her organization started growing and adding incredible people. She feels so blessed to have such an amazing group of partners and is excited to see what the future will bring for her team!

Bryna Bowman, Premier  V  Lexus Earner – Spokane, WA


Bryna is a stay at home mother of 2 children, who is also a small business owner in construction with her husband. When the economy took a dive it became clear that she had to contribute to their monthly income. They were going further and further into debt each month and to make things worse, her husband was injured & out of work for 6 months. Bryna’s main goal was to find a new career which she could continue to stay home with her children and make a full time income, as she knew her husband would not be back to full time work for a very long time. She wanted to plan her work around her life rather than her life around her work. The anti-aging skin care industry & this business fell into her lap in March of 2010.

Bryna didn’t let her hesitations stand in her way: she had no prior knowledge about the industry, no previous sales experience, she was from a small town in north Idaho (did she know enough people?), and she knew this was something completely out of her comfort zone. Fast forward to today and  Bryna will be the first to tell you this has been her best decision to date for so many reasons. She loves helping her team achieve their goals. Most importantly, she is able to be 100% active in both kids’ activities.   Her business can travel right along with her as she’s follows their schooling, sports activities, and summer events.   Another huge benefit:  the life long friendships Bryna has made through this business are priceless.

Lesley Bruce, Premier V Lexus Earner – Sugar Land, TX

Lesley Bruce 375x457Lesley worked long hours as a media consultant in the advertising industry, spending too much time away from her family.  As the economy worsened, the harder she worked, the less she was paid.  She was brought up to believe that when you went to college and received a degree, that you would be rewarded for hard work.  After fourteen years as a top Senior Account Manager, she decided she wanted more out of life.

Lesley knew it was important for her to be home with her son before he started school. She wanted, desperately, to be able to take her daughter to school and to be there for her at the end of the day.  She wanted to be the first person to hear about the wonderful things that happened during her daughter’s day and also to be there to listen when the days were not the best.  However, she was pulled and distracted by the expectations at work and how she was being evaluated.   Lesley also wanted to find a way for her husband, who worked in the automobile business, to have family time, especially on weekends.

When Lesley first heard about this company, she was skeptical, as she had never pictured herself involved in direct sales.  She decided having the opportunity to get in on this business on the ground floor might only happen once in your life.  She loves the products and the results and was thrilled with the potential she could have to replace her six figure income with a business that allowed her family its much needed change of course.  She also loves that she is able to be involved in supporting those affected by Lou Gehrig’s disease, working with patients, families and caregivers.

Lesley says, “We are truly changing skin and changing lives.  I’m loving every minute of it!  The only risk I saw was not getting involved.”

Colleen Flanigan, Premier V Lexus Earner – Spokane, WA

colleenflanigan375x457Colleen is a nurse by trade, a wife and a mom of three. While her children were little, she was fortunate to be able to stay home with them full time but when the recession hit, it became clear that she would need to return to work. Colleen took on a night shift position at Spokane’s local children’s hospital and spent the next 18 months struggling to juggle her family and her work without sacrifice to either.

With her new business, Colleen is able to do it all seamlessly. After a year in the business, she replaced her hospital paycheck and stepped away from her nursing job. Colleen’s team is growing all over the U.S. and she is loving the fact that she can do this job from anywhere! It is a perfect fit for her and her busy family

Daiquiri Fouch – Premier V Lexus Earner – Fond Du Lac, WI

daiquirifouch375x457A few months after this former engineer   started her business, her family was thrown into crisis mode. Her husband’s need to be with his mother who was dying of cancer caused a more practical problem to solve: paying the mortgage and putting food on the table for 4 young children. Thanks to Daiquiri’s new business, her  first paycheck was the answer to their prayers. It was the first paycheck she’d earned that was big enough to cover their mortgage and some living expenses. Daiquiri has replaced a major portion of the engineering income she left behind, and she still gets to stay at home full time with her children. And, the best part of all? She gets to share this opportunity with like minded men and women who see the power of this business and company.  She’s so thankful for this company and her phenomenal team!

Michelle Haught, Premier V Lexus Earner – Bozeman, MT

Michelle Haught 375x457When Michelle & her husband learned about the opportunity to start a new business, they jumped in right away. As a wife, mom of three boys, and a full time engineer, she did not know how she was going to do this or what her plans were, but she knew she needed to get involved in some capacity. So, Michelle started working the business very part time and immediately started making money.

A year into the business, she set a huge goal to become a Level V leader so she could earn enough money to take her family to Disneyland without any financial hardship, credit card debt, & without putting a dent in the family budget. Within three months she satisfied that goal and went from a Level III to a Level IV. It was just a few days later that she advanced to Level V & earned herself an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley/ San Francisco. Michelle is now replacing a substantial portion of her full-time engineering salary around her family’s schedule and she’s growing personally more than she ever has & all in such a short amount of time. She loves meeting new people, rekindling old friendships, and helping others achieve their dreams with a business of their own.

DeLane Johnson, Premier V Lexus Earner- Sammamish, WA

DELANEjohnson375x457DeLane’s journey with R+F started in 2013 when she was pregnant with her 3rd child. The idea of 3 children under three, awaiting a dream move back to Washington, and trying to remain sane, DeLane saw this business as a way to afford a housekeeper and save for moving expenses. Jumping in, she not only afforded her first “why’s”, her family has now been able to save for college, pay mortgages, take trips and donate to special causes. This business has changed her life, the lives of her customers and and the lives of her team. Motivated beyond words, she can’t wait to see what happens in the future!

Meredith Kresge, Premier V Lexus Earner – Bozeman, MT


Meredithkresge 375x457A Realtor by trade, this busy mom of three girls is able to mold her full time career and natural entrepreneurial spirit around her family. Always valuing time flexibility, Meredith has always wanted to be able to be a professional mom while raising her children at home. Once she heard of the company’s story and vision, she immediately knew that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that she couldn’t let pass her by.

Fast forward a year and a half later, Meredith has earned an all expense paid trip to Napa Valley/San Francisco, become a top performer in the Northwest, which has enabled her to more than double her annual income. An income that took her 7 years to build in the real estate industry. All the while she is able to maintain the flexibility of staying home with her 3 young girls (one set of twins) and continues to build two successful businesses.

Ashley Massi, Premier Level V Lexus Earner – Henderson, NV

AshleyMassi 375x457Ashley Massi is a former Public Relations executive who decided to leave her career after the birth of her first child in order to focus on her growing family. She freelanced in the PR world for several years as her family grew. She was introduced to Rodan + Fields by her dear friend  and when she heard that the same  friend was closing the doors of her legal practice to focus solely on her at-home skin care business, Ashley’s interest was peaked. Since day one she has had a strong belief in this business and the products. She and her team are excited to see what the future has in store for them.

Karen O’Hollaren, Premier V Lexus Earner – Lake Oswego, OR


KarenOhollaren2-375x457Karen O’Hollaren’s career path has been quite diverse since graduating from the University of Oregon with a degree in early childhood special education. After several years of teaching, she had the opportunity to change career paths and started a small corporate gift business. After selling the business, she found a great opportunity with a medical equipment company. She loved her job but all of my priorities changed once she became a mom.

Now, a former teacher/business owner/medical sales rep turned stay at home mom of two wonderful kids, was looking for something. Karen always knew she would work again once her kids went to school. So, a year ago she decided to take a part time position in marketing for a physician’s office. She quickly realized the part time position was taking time away from her family. That’s when she was introduced to these products & this business opportunity. My “what if” quickly become “what if I don’t?” She jumped in and knew the association with a couple doctors who had already created a household name was the opportunity she was looking for, to help balance work and her busy family life.

In less than 2 months Karen replaced her part time marketing job income and earned a new iPAD. After 6 months she was the 1st Level V in Oregon.. The quick pace Karen jumped out of the gates with has earned her & her husband an all-expenses paid trip to Las Ventanas resort in Cabo and a trip to wine country and San Francisco to meet the doctors. She was able to do all of this while helping her team expand and meet their goals. Karen’s business has expanded into multiple states and she has an organization with 100’s of people & growing! The best part is having a flexible career that allows her more time with her family, and it provides the chance to meet amazing people and work closely with a great team of motivated individuals.

This business has financially allowed our family a greater opportunity to help build and give back to a non-profit organization we are passionate about called “FORGO”. My family is part of a small team that helped develop and support the Forgo concept. “FORGO” is an organization that uses a mobile application easily allowing people to forgo something like a coffee, movie or a dinner to donate to a global cause such as clean water, education to orphans and many other causes. The best decision Karen made was jumping in without looking back. She feels she is building a business foundation that will last a lifetime through any economic or tax situation that may arise….for her family & her team’s families!





Elite Level V Lexus Earner

Jessie Beauchamp, Elite V Lexus Earner- De Pere, WI

jessie Beauchamp375x457Jessica Turba Beauchamp, a former pharmaceutical representative, is married with two darling, albeit energetic, children, ages four and one. Jessie worked for a year after her first child was born, but she was determined to stay home upon learning of her second pregnancy as she realized how much she was missing by working full-time, out of the home. Her main concern, of course, was the financial impact of being a stay-at-home mom. In July 2012, a dear friend discussed the opportunity this skin care company offered and although she was turned off by the “direct sales party” industry, she was assured this was different. Once she understood this company’s network marketing business model, as well as the exceptional products involved, this reluctance transformed into an absolute “yes” and she never looked back.
She officially became a consultant in July 2012, and in less than two years has developed a team of over 150 consultants, who include teachers, doctors, pharmaceutical reps, entrepreneurs, and stay-at-home moms living in 15 different states. She never tires hearing the stories of how their lives have changed – and the dreams that are coming true.
Jessica is forever grateful for her involvement with this amazing company. She not only loves introducing these extraordinary skin care products to people, she also appreciates the networking opportunities and the financial stability this business offers her family and her. She is now living HER dream – an involved, stay-at-home mother, with a reliable monthly income, working with products in which she firmly believes. Jessica also knows, if she ever chooses to return to the world of “9-5”, her current business will look terrific on a resume, and her success in this industry will definitely open doors.
She continues to appreciate a quote, shared by her mother on the first day of pharmaceutical training: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” – Charles Swindoll

Stefani Byrd, Elite V  Lexus Earner – Spokane, WA


This opportunity couldn’t have fallen into my lap at a better time.  Two years prior, I had stepped away from my career with an award winning graphic design company to take on the role of stay-at-home mom. I was still wrapping my arms around the job of parenting, now with a 1 and 2 year old, when the economy took it’s tumble.  I found I wasn’t completely suited to being a full-time mom or this role of “homemaker” and it was even more challenging trying to do it on a dime.  I had been spoiled with our previous dual income lifestyle and wanted it back.  We now needed a second income stream, and I wanted to find a way to work outside of my job as MOM – but completely on my own terms.

Though I had never imagined myself in direct sales, I knew this company was a superstar. I jumped in and I plugged in, working part time hours around our young family. With the paycheck from my first month, I paid our car payment. By the third month, I was able to pay our mortgage. Because of a stellar team, twenty months in, I earned a company car – a shiny, white Lexus.  Financially, it truly Saved. Our. Bacon.

I feel so fortunate to have found this gift of a business and love sharing it with others. I love the flexibility this business offers, where we can truly fit this into the cracks of our busy schedules and take it with us where ever we go.  I enjoy setting and reaching my own goals and helping my team reach theirs.  I treasure the friendships formed through this journey and love the work hard, play hard culture.  The best part is partners on my team are experiencing the same success – with two Lexus cars already on the road, two more in qualification and a handful more that are so close!  The Premier achievement title is terrific but what it really means is that if I can do it, you can do it.

Jessica Dennis, Elite V Lexus Earner– Appleton, WI


Jessica Dennis375x457Jessica Dennis is a true entrepreneur at heart. After starting her first company at 25 years of age and successfully selling it in 2011, she knew she had found her career path. She started her second company when she received an unexpected call with a very unlikely opportunity. The opportunity was to partner with a team in this successful anti-aging skin care industry and she knew she had to give it a shot.

The road to becoming the second Level V leader in the state of Wisconsin has allowed her to spend more time with her family; a possibility that was never in the picture as a serial entrepreneur. Jessica is the mom of two young girls and a wife to a husband who also has a very demanding career as President & CEO of a manufacturing company. This business has allowed for complete flexibility for her family without sacrificing career ambitions or compensation.

Achieving Level V is just one stop in Jessica’s path for her and for her team. She is continuing to work to build the strongest team in the state of Wisconsin, one that you will continue to hear about!

Daiquiri Fouch, Elite V Lexus Earner– Fond du Lac, WI

644422_10200131880331171_1069877487_nDaiquiri is a mechanical engineer by trade. Although she enjoyed a successful corporate engineering career, she wanted time and financial flexibility that her corporate career could not offer. She decided instead, to focus on being a fulltime mom to her 4 young children. Despite being over-the-moon happy as a wife and mom, and feeling blessed beyond measure to be able to stay home with her kids….Daiquiri was looking for something more, something of her own. At the same time, the single source of income for her family seemed in jeopardy. The economy was tumbling and her husband’s employer was making cuts. That’s when she decided to grab the bull by the horns and start her own business.

Why?  Association with our world-renowned Doctors, the powerful virtual franchise opportunity they offer, unique and proven products which address a multi-billion dollar skin care market, and the unique opportunity to be one of the first to open markets…to name just a few reasons!

Kate Johns, Elite V Lexus Earner- Washington DC

KateJohns 375x457Ten years ago, as a Coast Guard Lieutenant, Kate Johns never imagined she’d ever be involved in the $3 Billion anti-aging skincare industry!  A city girl from Chicago, Kate graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy and received her commission from then-President Clinton.

After nine years of military life, Kate was drawn to serve others in a very different way when she became a Yoga instructor.  Then, in 2005 she married Khris, a USCGA grad and Lieutenant Commander and in 2008 they welcomed their first son.  Kate focused her attention on being a first time mom, and yoga became a very-part-time gig.  Kate and Khris were thrilled and surprised when in 2010 they discovered they were having twins!  Yoga took a backseat to their kiddos.

Kate describes life with three kiddos under the age of three, and a husband in an intense full-time dual grad school program as “juggling spaghetti.” At that time, Kate and Khris were transferred to Williamsburg, VA and Kate was able to start teaching yoga again. When she found that teaching yoga in Williamsburg barely paid for the gas to get to the studio, she reframed her dedication to teach as a service to her fellow yogis and not as a significant source of income.

Kate desired a rewarding professional outlet that would actually have a positive impact on the family budget.  A friend told her about a great eye cream, which Kate needed for those frequent nights when one (or all) of her darlings kept her sleep-deprived.  That was her introduction to this fabulous business where she was able to design a professional life around the rest of her busy life.

After sharing this business and products with friends and family across the country, Kate has built a following of delighted loyal customers and a team of amazing business partners.   Two of her children’s’ Godmothers have even joined her team!  Their part-time efforts produce very rewarding paychecks and happily, all this comes with complete flexibility. Because, as Kate will tell, the best part is being able to spend time with her four kiddos – they just welcomed number four!

Karen Sperry, Elite Level V Lexus Earner- Snoqualmie, WA

KAREN SPERRYKaren spent close to 10 years selling ads for a local radio station and resigned due to the changing corporate structure. Her daughter was about to turn two and she also felt she was missing those precious toddler years.  So, Karen left her job and joined her husband’s window and door business.  During the winter months, business was extremely slow and Karen knew she was going to need to help with the income somehow.  However, Karen felt corporate America was out of the question.

That’s when her best friend told Karen that she had just started a business in the skin care industry.  She told Karen that she would be one of the first reps in the Seattle Area and that was exciting, so Karen jumped RIGHT in and went for it.  She just knew this was going to be huge and if she stood by and hesitated, the opportunity and timing would pass her by.  Karen has promoted six times with pay raises each time, earned a rewards trip to Napa and built a growing team across the country.

As a stay at home mom and wife now, Karen loves the freedom and cherishes the time she spends with her family. Karen even gained a new family member, as her son was born during her first year in the business.  Over the last two and a half years, Karen has continued to easily pay their bills and has some extra spending money for herself!  What she is most excited about is the international expansion into Canada and that’s just the beginning.

Jenny Taylor, Elite V Lexus Earner– Kohler, WI

jennytaylor375x457 copyJenny Taylor hit her goal of Level V in just over a year in the business. She earned the title of the 1st Level V in Wisconsin. By day Jenny is a marketing executive that is responsible for managing the reputation of a global household brand, by working directly with the company’s CEO. She has been a company spokesperson that has made several TV appearances on shows like the Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, and many local stations across the US. Jenny loved her corporate position until she became a mother.

Motherhood sparked a desire for something that offered more flexibility and the ability to have more control. When this business opportunity was shared with her, she jumped in immediately and hasn’t looked back! All while still working her more than full time corporate career!

Nicole Wagner, Elite Lexus Earner – Portland, OR

Nicole WagnerAs a professional makeup artist, Nicole Wagner, has always been picky about products and never willing to associate her business reputation with direct sales products. That was until she was introduced to this skin care business and finally found a product that transformed her skin. With a huge network of people in her makeup business, she began sharing her new business on her social media platforms. In less than six months Nicole was able to replace her income and hire an assistant to manage her makeup business so she could fulfill her dream of being home full time with her children. Nicole feels incredibly blessed to have found a business like this when she did and is completely in love with the products and this business!

RFx  Lexus Earner

Sarah Beyersdorf, RFx Lexus Earner – Auburn, WA

sarahbeyersdorf375x457This busy mother of two, wife, and former advertising/marketing professional jumped on board this business when introduced to it by a college friend. Sarah was able to found, and then help fund, a Non-Profit Organization called The Hope Helpers which mobilizes in times of crisis to alleviate the needs of families and children. Being able to set aside a portion of income each month for this cause continues to be important to Sarah. Molding this business around her family’s busy schedule was paramount to Sarah. Her team has expanded across the country and she continues to change the skin of her customers and the lives of her partners as she helps them achieve their own goal

Deb John, RFx Lexus Earner – Appleton, WI

DebJohn 375x457Deb is a full time Nurse Anesthetist who also has a private practice providing anesthesia to seven hospitals in the state of Wisconsin. When Deb was introduced to this opportunity she nearly overlooked it. She didn’t feel she needed to be busier. It was the day her husband explained “residual” income that Deb joined network marketing. In 5 months she feels  blessed beyond words to have a team of friends and family joining her and seeing the value in perseverance. The road to Level V is only a beginning! Deb knows, with the backing of the Doctors and this company, all goals are attainable! She recites daily to herself her favorite verse ” Through Christ all things are possible”. Philippians 4:13 . . . Dream big!

Marissa McDonough, RFx Lexus Earner – Bozeman, MT

marissamcdonough375x457Marissa McDonough, from Bozeman, Montana, has always been an entrepreneur at heart. As a real estate broker with a degree in business marketing, she was the “go-to” professional to help residents in her community achieve their buying and selling goals. Marissa is also a wife and mother of two very young daughters. She knew when she discovered the emerging anti-aging skin care field that she’d found the perfect opportunity to foster her entrepreneurial spirit, while also allowing her the flexibility to continue to work her real estate business, and spend time with her family.

While working very part time hours, Marissa reached the title of Level V in just five months and qualified for her Lexus all in less than a year.  She was the company’s 2011 “Rising Star Award” recipient & served on the Leadership Advisory Board.  After 2 years of working her business Marissa sold her real estate business and walked away on her own terms, to build the flexible life she has always dreamed of. All are a testament to the company’s powerful brand, generous compensation plan and Marissa’s business prowess and ability to strategically build markets around the country. For Marissa, this business is all about trust—trust in the products, the business model and the doctors. This trust has been her driving force and it has helped Marissa drive to new heights in this organization. Still working her business part time, Marissa now has her sights set on promoting to the top of the pay plan and helping her team members enjoy the many benefits of independent business ownership.

Emily Paulson, RFx  Lexus Earner – Seattle, WA

EmilyPaulson375x457Emily is a busy mom of five young children, 3, 5, 6, 8, and 10.  Working first as a chemist, she then became a high school chemistry teacher before “retiring to be a stay at home mom.  Emily ran a small Etsy business out of her home for about 8 years, but as more kids came along, it became more difficult to fit it into her schedule.  When this business popped on her radar she thought she had no interest and no time.  After a little more thought, she decided to take a chance, and within 2 months after buying a biz kit, Emily was able to sell her home business. She then jumped into her new opportunity with both feet. Emily loves the flexible schedule, the opportunity to travel, and the relationships that she’s been able to foster – both old and new.  Her business has given her a renewed confidence, sense of accomplishment, and the security to know that she is making a positive impact on her family’s financial future.

Heather Quisel, RFx Lexus Earner – Boise, ID


heather Quisel375x457 -2Heather is a teacher by trade, who taught young children for ten years. When she was introduced to this business, she was looking for something…different. While she loved teaching, and was good at it, she found herself wanting more. Specifically, she wanted to be her own boss and make her own money…and she wanted the flexibility to revolve her work schedule around her young family. The skin care field was the perfect vehicle to do just that. With their awarding-winning products and smart business plan, she jumped on board quickly and became a top leader in the Northwest. In just 7 months, she became the 1st Level V leader in the state of Idaho.

Today, Heather makes more in one month than her previous half a year salary when she was teaching. Her biggest surprise? She’s still teaching! But this time, she’s not just affecting children, she’s affecting families! Heather has created something of her own, and now she’s helping others do the same…one market at a time!