Dame McDonough – Missoula, MT

After a decade long career in corporate America, I had lost hope. I came to realize that I was not in control of my future and I lost my direction. I knew to truly control my future, I had to strike out on my own. It was more than just money; it was about time, happiness, and freedom. Through direct sales, I was introduced to a new way of thinking, and really, a new way of living. I was able to launch a new venture with a very small capital investment while growing the business part time, as I still had my full job time in corporate America. I have a powerful and sophisticated company to back me up, but I was the one solely in charge making all the day-to-day decisions on my business. This company and industry has taught me the power of leverage, how I can get more done by working with other people, and following the simple business plan. Now, I have a successful business that fits into my life, not me adjusting my life to a career. I have found the avenue for a perfect balance of time, money, and freedom.

Jeff McGowan – Seattle, WA

I am currently a high school Assistant Principal, a father of three and a husband to busy, professional wife. After a couple of years sitting on the sideline and watching others grow their own business. I knew the time was right for me to partner with Amy Byrd in an industry that is exploding. Both my wife and I were looking for ways to supplement our income while still maintaining flexibility around our kids’ schedules.  Joining the this company & TeamByrd is one of the best decisions I have ever made because of the flexible lifestyle it offers.


Andrew McDirmid, CPA – Spokane, WA

I am a partner in a large local accounting firm in Spokane. It has been fascinating watching Amy grow her business from an entity which created enough cash flow to cover a mortgage payment to a thriving small business which allows Amy and her family to live a wonderful life without financial stress. I was so impressed with the business model I introduced my fiancé, Jessie, to Amy. Amy has been a great mentor to Jessie and within the first two months of becoming a consultant Jessie was earning substantial supplemental income. Jessie has also introduced me to the anti-aging skin care products. I never thought I would use skincare products, but I must admit the products are magic.

Josh Cormany – Scottsdale, AZ

I was a new graduate of Northern Arizona University in 1997 and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I did know that I wanted to play as much golf as possible but I couldn’t afford the greens fees. So, I got a job at a golf course in Tucson Arizona. I quickly realized that folding sweaters and teaching golf lessons was not going to fulfill my desires to make some real money and have a career that I knew I was capable of having. That’s when I called a friend and asked if I could join him in the mortgage business. In the fall of 2001 I started as a mortgage banker, fully commissioned and very excited. After a couple years as a loan originator I moved up in the ranks and opened my own branch in Bozeman Montana. It was at that point that I knew this was it for me, I was going to forever be a mortgage banker. I felt like a business owner, I felt like an entrepreneur, I felt like I could create my own culture, I made a lot of money! Man, I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Through 2008 and 2009 the mortgage banking business got dramatically different. The income was still very strong but all the things that fulfilled me began to disappear. I lost control of my culture, my decision-making capabilities and the ability to operate as a business owner. I wanted out.

My wife & I were introduced to to a brand new direct sales skincare company in July of 2009 and we immediately recognized the ability to build a business on the back of a massively successful pre-established, multi-million dollar brand. We also knew there were a lot of successful people whose net worth resulted from direct sales. We had never done anything like this before but we thought, “if other people can be wildly successful under this model, why not us?”. So we were off and running with our new business. Nicole (my lovely and talented wife) was (and still is in many ways) the leader. She started to build a business by plugging into an established system and by being “coachable”.

I still had my responsibilities in mortgage but wanted out in a bad way. Every day got worse; I felt like all I did was show up and disappoint people. That’s when my wife said “lets retire you from your job with our business.” I thought “OKAY!” but thought it would take at least 5 years to replace the income that my mortgage job provided. We didn’t want to take any steps backward in our lifestyle. So, I opened my network, she worked hard and well… we must have done something right because 21 months after opening our anti-aging skin care business we had fully replaced my multiple 6 figure income. I then walked into my office on March 31st of 2011 and said “I’m done”.

Fast forward to today and I now have a business that provides me with a lot more time, almost twice as much monthly income versus my best years in mortgage, and I am more fulfilled by coaching my team into success and spending time with my family than I ever thought I could be. I am living proof of that this company and this business can massively change your life.

Stephan Byrd – Spokane, WA

I am a former developer with an extensive background in construction (residential & commercial). From my perspective this company/industry is all about timing, insight, and fortitude.

First, the timing of these anti-aging skin care products entrance into the direct selling industry was ideal. Their launch into this arena coincided perfectly with the emergence of the social media/network revolution.  A brilliant move when you look at it from a cost effective marketing standpoint. Coincidentally the downturn in the US economy found so many well qualified professionals looking for something better, people wanting to make a change, including our family. Now, some would call this pure luck but my definition of luck is “when preparation meets opportunity.”

Secondly, the insight from 2 of the best known names in skincare & the corporate staff by providing a complete backbone of support, training, cutting edge technology for their consultants, & the fact that the company carries the burden of inventory for the customers. All this creates a seamless experience with quick return on investment, while enormous income potential. I believe the unique business model is a true paradigm shift and a welcomed departure from all other direct selling companies.

This fortitude to create something different and establish a corporate culture that grows organically from all directions, not simply top down, now affords Team Byrd & their partners the pleasure of being the “darlings of the industry”. I for one am very excited to watch it happen, especially since my wife felt the risk was to not get involved & join the team!

Scott Murray

After the birth of our first son, my wife and I found our discretionary funds were being consumed. As anyone with kids knows, they can be expensive. My wife and I were looking at creating some additional discretionary income to allow us to continue to travel and to rehire a house cleaner. I knew the power of Direct Sales, and had been pitched numerous Direct Sales programs over the years. However, as an investment manager with an MBA, I am very analytical and skeptical. In my opinion, the Direct Sales programs I had researched in the past, never had all right components necessary to run a successful business, so I never participated.

That was until 2011, when we were introduced to this company via some of my financial planning clients. These 2 people were financial planning clients of mine for several years and were both very successful in their professional careers. So, I have to admit I was at least curious in what they were part of, as I witnessed their growth in passive income from their businesses. For a Direct Sales business to be successful , I feel you need a few things: a product line which is needed, differentiable, consumable, and in the early stages of the company life cycle. All of which this business has. My wife & I’s decision was solidified after researching the anti-aging skin care business support platforms and business systems: website, training programs, and commissions structure. This company allows anyone to run a small business with very little capital outlay with the potential for asymmetric financial rewards. Within 3 months, working a few hours a week, we had totally replaced our discretionary income from our business paychecks.