change your life

I am a former pharmaceutical sales rep, wife, and mom of 2 busy little kiddos. I left corporate America to be home with our children whom we adopted from China. My husband’s career in land development relocated us from Spokane, WA to Whitefish, MT. We made the best decision for our family with the knowledge we had at the time, but fast forward a year and a half and the land developments came to a screeching halt per the mortgage/housing crisis. Late summer of 2009 I knew I needed to contribute to the bottom line again. I also knew I didn’t want to re-enter corporate America, so I could then pay someone else to raise our children.  I was looking for something I could fit in around my family’s schedule and something that would offer the potential to make the money I was accustomed to earning in pharmaceutical sales.

We knew I needed to get involved in an industry that was on the upswing in these difficult economic times, but we didn’t know what it would be.  In November 2009 a childhood friend of mine reached out via Facebook and that was a moment that changed my family’s life.   He and his wife presented an opportunity with a new direct sales company, skincare to be more exact.  Direct Sales was a new industry for my husband & me & we had our hesitations.  However, once we put my preconceptions aside & listened this company checked all the boxes of what we were looking for.   The market of anti-aging skincare & at home skincare tools is now a combined market of $6 billion in the US alone, it offered me the flexibility to work from wherever around my family’s schedule, the potential was there to make way more than I ever did in pharma sales, and the business platform/training were all in place.  All I had to do was plug in.  We decided the biggest risk would be to not get involved, so I jumped in with both feet fitting this in around my kiddos nap schedules at the time.

My first goal was to pay my investment back and I did that in my first month.  We then moved back to Spokane, WA & I continued to devote part time hours to sharing this business and products with others for that first year.  At 13 months I had matched my 9 year pharmaceutical salary.  I then devoted more full time hours to this business as our children were in school full time. The results of my efforts, my happy customers, and my wonderful team, who share this business/products right along with me, have been humbling and  amazing.

I have earned trips, a white, shiny Lexus of my choice, made it to the top of the Pay Plan, served on our Leadership Advisory Board, and I am now helping my team members in their quest to do the same.  This leap of faith into the direct sales industry, which allows people to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves, has been my best career move to date.  This business, coupled with my excitement and desire to help others, has enabled me to lock arms with some amazing people along the way.  The best part is we are just getting started & we’re having a ton of fun along the way!