Joy Kapheim

Joy Kapheim.jpg

Appleton, WI

I wasn’t looking for something when a business colleague knocked on my door to tell me about her new endeavor.  As a wife and mother of two, I loved my director roll with my local Chamber of Commerce. The programs I lead combined three of my passions, people, community & servant leadership. Although my time was full with work and two children involved in many sports, I was intrigued with the company and the results the products were giving by way of some very impressive before and afters.

It wasn’t long after learning more that I saw the opportunity and asked myself,  “What if?”. What if I could provide an incredible vacation for my family every year? What if I could pay the hockey bills or the mortgage? What if I could earn a Lexus and get rid of my beat up mini-van? 

Since starting my business I have done all of the above mentioned and so much more! This opportunity has afforded me the opportunity to leave my job but still pursue my three passions. This business is about helping people, giving back to my community and leading a group of people and helping them to become better leaders themselves.  I always say, “It truly is a dream come true... a dream I never even knew I had.”