Marissa McDonough

Marissa McDonough.jpg

Bozeman, MT

I am an RFx Circle Leader from Bozeman, Montana and I have  always been an entrepreneur at heart. As a real estate broker with a degree in business marketing, I was the go-to professional to help residents in my community achieve their buying and selling goals. I am also a wife and mother of three daughters, and I knew when I discovered this business that I'd found the perfect opportunity to foster my entrepreneurial spirit while also allowing me the flexibility to continue to work my real estate business and spend time with my family. 

While working very part time hours, I reached the Level V Executive Consultant Title in just five months and qualified for my free Lexus just a few months later.   After 2 years of working my new business, I sold my real estate business and walked away on my own terms to build the flexible life I had always dreamed of. All of this is a testament to the company's powerful brand, generous compensation plan and my business knowledge to strategically build markets around the country. For me, this business is all about trust—trust in the products, the business model and the Doctors. This trust has been my driving force and has helped me drive to new heights in the compensation plan. Still working my business part time, I have hit the top of the pay plan as an RFx circle achiever.  But, the most rewarding part is the ability to help my team members enjoy the many benefits of independent business ownership and watch their dreams come true.