Karen O’Hollaren

Karen O'Hollaren.jpg

Lake Oswego, OR

As a former teacher/medical device rep./stay at home mom, I always enjoyed making a difference in other people’s lives.  I jumped at the opportunity with this business when I realized it could give me the flexibility to be with my family on my terms but continue to help others and make a significant income in the process.  In just over a year I made more than I ever did as a teacher,  as my business expanded across the country.  Now after 6 years I have created a multi-million dollar virtual skincare business with the #1 skincare brand in the United States that expands 3 countries and provides hope for a new future for so many who have joined us. 

Beyond the financial freedom, I have found a community of women and men that work together to accomplish more and be more than they ever imagined. From awards trips, a shinny white Lexus, fun gifts, and new uplifting people in my life I am grateful everyday for this opportunity. Joining this business has been one of my best decisions to date for so many reasons.   But, the best parts have been the feeling of satisfaction I have received from watching team members retire from challenging careers, experience a new flexible lifestyle so they can be present with their families and live their life on their terms.  All these combine together to help me feel both financially and emotionally satisfied.  I am inspired everyday to help others do the same by living their best life!