Ashley Massi

Ashley Massi (1).jpg

Henderson, NV

Working in a fast paced and high stress environment fueled my passion to always be on the move.   I grew up in Las Vegas, left for college and moved back home, jumping into the PR world as quickly as I could.  I loved that role and envisioned my life just as it was for many years.  However, that quickly changed when I gave birth to my first child and decided to be a stay at home mom.  

I then envisioned my life as a stay at home mom as a leisurely life . . . taking walks to the park, having lunch with girlfriends and working out every day.   I could NEVER imagine my family having any financial stress.  It took me about 15 minutes after my son was born to realize that was NOT going to be my reality.  While raising my son and adding another child to the mix, I was always looking for an opportunity that would allow me to be at home with my babies, but also contribute financially to my families’ bottom line.   That is when I was presented with this business opportunity.  I jumped right in and earned my initial investment back in 17 days.  

I have created a team and culture that I am extremely proud of.  It took me just over a year to hit Level V and I earned the company Lexus in just over three years with the company.  I have a team that spans the US, Canada and Australia.  I have my sights set on retiring my husband from his career before our children go to college.   I can't ever imagine a life without this great company!