Stefani Byrd


Spokane, WA

I was a graphic designer and decided to leave my dream design firm in order to stay at home when our daughter was born. After a short time, as full-time stay at home parent, I realized that I wanted more - I wanted to contribute to our finances, to interact more with movers and shakers AND the flexibility in schedule to stay at home with our young kids. When I heard about this opportunity I felt that it was the chance to have just what I wanted. I jumped in and in a short 2 years, working part-time hours, was able to exceed my highest full-time salary. It's been over 8 years now and this opportunity has continued to rock my world in ways I couldn't have imagined. I've earned fabulous trips and received a first, second and third new Starfire Pearl Lexus! There are many 'best' parts. They include FREEDOM: being the CEO of my own business in totally flexible part-time hours so I can make great money, volunteer in my kids' classrooms and take my family on really great vacations and PASSION: being inspired by the truly phenomenal, passionate, generous, brilliant people in this business and working with those on my team to achieve whatever goals they determine and celebrating their success, whatever that means to them. How does it get better than that?