Meghan Blyth


Bend, OR

I'm a wife, mom of two great kids, and a former advertising sales rep. When I called my friend six years ago about these products, I wasn't looking for a new career. I was looking for something to get rid of my acne. But when she told me she had started her own business, and that she was able to replace her corporate salary and work from home with her kids, I just knew I had to take a second look, and I am so glad I did. 

Since that day I've been able to build my own very successful business around all of my other obligations.   This includes volunteer work and my kids’ very busy schedules, along with my business that is all in part time hours, and on my own timeline. I've been able to create a solid and substantial income stream that I would have never thought possible without a doctorate degree and 30+ years of climbing the corporate ladder. I've earned numerous luxury trips and a free Lexus from the company, have been able to take my family on incredible vacations, purchase and remodel our dream home, and have been lucky enough to watch so many others on my team fulfill their dreams as well. The best part about this business for me is not only the financial freedom it's given my family, but the time freedom. We now live life on our terms, and that's something I think everyone wants in life . . . FREEDOM to live the way you want. This business has completely changed my life, and I've got some pretty great skin and lashes to boot!