Ashley Desanno


Tigard, OR

I joined this business in June of 2015. Prior to joining, I was a full time special ed classroom teacher and loved spending time distance running. I am married to my college sweetheart and we have two young, rowdy boys! When I joined it was with the hopes of being able to stay home but still be a “yes” person. My husband’s job requires him to travel extensively and we were both ready for me to be home steering the shop. However, I wasn’t interested in being home if it meant we had to pass on vacations or not enroll our kids in camp or have to live on a strict budget. 

I was terrified when I said yes. I literally put up my “announcement” and ran from my computer. I quickly realized it wasn’t scary and was actually very fun and fulfilling. I was able to turn in my resignation letter and be home within a few months of joining. I found such fulfillment in pouring into my team and seeing those who joined me in business thrive! With incredible support from my leader and my team, we were able to become a Lexus achieving team 26 months after joining. Currently an Elite LV, I still enjoy watching my partners thrive the most. Getting newbies started is my absolute favorite! That said, the Lead the Way trips are also pretty awesome. I’m so excited to see how we grow and continue to celebrate each other!