Bryna Bowman


Colbert, WA

In 2006, I stepped away from my administrative career and out of corporate America to stay home with my two children while my husband continued to work in the construction industry. When the economy took a dive shortly after, it became clear that I had to contribute to our monthly income. We were going further and further into debt each month and on the path to losing our home.  My main goal was to find a new career where I could continue to stay home with our children and make a full time income. Everything turned around for my family and I in 2010, when I was introduced to a company that would completely change their lives!

I had many hesitations: I had no prior knowledge about the industry, I was from a small town (did I know enough people?), and I knew this was something completely out of my comfort zone. But, I didn’t let those hesitations stand in my way.  With in a year of working my business, I escalated to the top of the pay plan and with that came a lot of perks: all expense paid trips and a shiny white Lexus.  I will be the first to tell you this has been my best decision to date for so many reasons. Not only was I able to pay off all of our debt, I just recently purchased our dream home last summer and retired my husband out of the construction industry so he could be home with our family. Most importantly, my husband and I are able to be 100% active and available in both kids’ activities, as the business travels right along with us.   We volunteer, follow our children’s schooling events, their sports events, and we have long summer vacations. I love that I am now able to give more to local charities and to causes dear to my heart! Another bonus:  the friendships and life long business partners I have made through this opportunity are truly priceless.